Friday, February 19, 2010

Too funny to not share

So I was taking Stella to dance last night and because of the crazy amounts of snow we have had lately I was having a really hard time finding a parking spot.
One, because her dance studio is in Uptown which is small, home to a college campus, busy and has mostly street parking.
Two, because apparently people loose their freakin' minds when it snows and cannot appropriately judge distance between parking spaces without the aid of the white lines (which are still somewhat covered with snow). So, even in the parking lots without the lines it some how becomes okay to park diagonally in the parking space.
I was making my third loop around the block and trying to make a left. Traffic cleared and I started my turn when some ass flew out of his spot on the curb and cut me off.
This is the conversation the followed.

Me: Jesus Christ!

Stella: (leaning forward from the back seat trying to see out the front window) Really? Is it him?!?

Me: What?

Stella: Was that really Jesus Christ? I think I saw him too.

Me: Laughing.

Ok. So I don't typically cuss in front of the kids and I try really hard not to take JC's name in vain, but this cracked me up. She was so serious and so excited.
I tried to explain what had happened, but she was just really focused on her Jesus sighting.


The 4year old boy I watch is pissed off because I won't let him play the Wii all freakin' day. He is taking it out on the dog and his sister.
He keeps pushing the dog off the couch and 'accidently' hitting him. I wish the dog would at least growl at him
I am about ready to knock him in his silly 4 year old noggin.
Just another example of why 4 seems to suck ass.
He is also watching Diego and he keeps call him a "not knower", and bitching about how much he has to help Diego do everything.


  1. What? Are you kidding me? Age 4 is going to rock. I'm going to love age 4. I barely survived 2, 3 is kicking my ass, 4 MUST be better. Stop bringing me down're such, such, NOT KNOWERS!!!

    My blog post this morning in gibberish? That is what a three year old does to take revenge when his mother refuses to allow him to play Super Mario on the Wii before eating his breakfast.

  2. we always let our kids earn video doing dishes, dusting, etc. suddenly it was as important to them. lol

    love the "Jesus sighting" cute!

    and I loved 4....but I also really loved 2.

  3. I love that Diego is a "not knower" and the kid is mad about having to help him so much all the time. Ha!

    My boys are obsessive about video games and we finally had to cut them off. They can't play for an hour and then move on with their lives -- it ruins the whole rest of the day. I think you should tell the kid your Wii is broken, and you're so sad about it.

    The story with Stella is adorable!

  4. I WISH my son would love to play Wii! Well, not all day but even ten minutes would be promising. Stella saw Jesus. I think I would have had to let her believe it really was him...not very honest, but it might strengthen her beliefs. wrong would that be?