Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Honda, take this idea and run with it

I have reached that point of Winter at which I feel I can't go on. I have done my time. Shoveled my drive, driven my kids to the school that is in our backyard because it's just so cold, kept my windows closed and my heater on.
Enough. I'm out. Winter wins. Again.
I can feel the weight of it on my chest. I just want to open a freakin' window already.
Thanks, I just had to get that out there in the world so maybe the snow Gods would turn things around and shine a little sunshine on me.
In other thoughts from my brain. I am in the market for a new mini-van that has a partition between the front and backseats.
How awesome would that be. My kids loose their minds when we get in the car. Before we even pull out of the driveway someone is bored and someone has touched or breathed on someone that didn't want touched or breathed on.
I think I would be a better mom if my car had a partition. I know I would be a less distracted driver.
It's really just a safety issue.
It could be see-through, and I could have an intercom on my side. Just in case.
My husband drives limos and of course they have the partition, which he uses regularly.
Although, sometimes people want the partition down, and then they do things that would make Jenna Jamison blush.
Here is a piece of advice for all of you that may ride in limos at some point in the future. What happens in the limo does NOT stay in the limo.
The limo driver entertains all of his neighbors with stories about you and your crazy porn-star behavior.

Anyway, I digress.
I want a partition in my next mini-van and I think that there would be a market for this. Either a partition or a really long stick that I could use to knock my kids on their silly little heads.


  1. :-)

    I agree with you on all points. The kids, the partition, the winter, the cold, the dark, the snow... all of it. Especially the mini-van partition.

  2. Yes. Partition. Yes. Kids who morph into aliens the minute you turn the key to the right. Yes. What we need is a partition petition!

  3. Goodness. I miss hearing from you. Hope all is well! Enjoy your Summer!

  4. Still Love your idea! Until you find a car company that will make you one of those, try this idea...I have started keeping a squirt bottle filled with water in my cup holder at all, times. One of this industrial ones that has a far reaching stream...works like a charm when they get too loud. I'm getting so good at it now I don't even have to turn around to shoot all three pf them! Take that!