Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All about her

This is the very happy kindergartner on her 'All about me day.' She loves days that are all about her. Very. Very. Much.

This is the family in which the Mom is pretending she is not really irritated with the Dad for being late to the 'All about me day.' After all, it's not about her.

This is the boy who insisted on helping make the life size portrait of his sister and then complained the entire time that I clearly loved her more than him because he clearly remembers that we spent way less time on his life sized portrait 4 years ago. Oh, and I purposely made his lips ugly and girly in his portrait just to be mean.

This is the portrait. I think it's kind of cute. Um, sideways but cute.

This is a close up of the curly hair which the kindergartner protested about, as she felt long straight hair would be more reflective of who she really wanted to be.


  1. Spectacular portrait! I'll trade my straight for her curly any day!

    And I'll bet the young man's memory is just skewed by the passage of time. Although, I hate to admit, I had to fight the same sorts of injustices as a child. And I was an only! HA! That may only make sense to me but that's okay.

    I haven't popped by your virtual house in awhile and I thought it was about time!

  2. Oh, you look great! I had missed this post somehow.

    Anyway, I gave you an awesome award over on my awesome blog!